Simple service, every time.

At Uptime, we provide dynamic, straightforward lift services for all of our clients. We help painters, electricians, HVAC companies, construction workers- anyone who depends on reliable lift equipment to do their job safely. We are proud to serve businesses in the greater Grand Rapids area.

Let us handle lifts for you.

The specialists at Uptime know you’re busy. Having your equipment serviced routinely and conveniently is difficult for you and other contractors due to the downtime it results in. Even though contractors consistently rank preventative maintenance as one of the most important aspects of owning lift equipment, many still take the risk of not having it done due to either inconvenience or the resulting company downtime. When a lift does break on-site, getting it fixed is costly and usually involves moving it off-site and into a shop- often costing the company even more than regular service would have.

Why we do what we do.

This is exactly why Jay Kersman, owner of Uptime, created this business. After years of witnessing contractors experience these problems, he decided that clients deserved better. He understands the importance of offering businesses reliable lift equipment and a full range of services, including rentals, bumper-to-bumper lift protection plans, paint and refurbishing, equipment moving, on-site repairs, and more.

Only the best technology.

Jay also witnessed the many problems that were plaguing an industry that used outdated technology, and has made it a point to leverage the lift industry’s best technological advancements. Not only does this allow him to fulfill client needs more quickly and efficiently- it also makes the process that much more easy and simple for you.

We’ve got you covered.

With our full line of lift management services under one roof, plus scheduled maintenance and emergency services at the click of a button, you no longer have to worry about overseeing the upkeep of your equipment. Your and your crew can now work non-stop with no downtime, all the while trusting that your equipment is safe to use and can be properly serviced whenever you need it.

Give us a call.

So don’t wait until you have another equipment emergency. Let Uptime service your lifts, and experience the reduced downtime, increased uptime, and added revenue that come with simple, seamless equipment servicing.

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