Lift Management

Your company is constantly going, and even the smallest disruption can slow down business big time. With Uptime Lift Management, you don’t have to worry about your need for equipment putting a halt to your work day.


Our Lift Management program was specifically created to fulfill the needs of contractors in the Greater Grand Rapids area. We work with your current fleet of lift equipment to ensure that preventative service is provided in a timely manner, keeping your crew on schedule and your clients happy. Paint and refurbishing are part of our program as well, so your fleet stays both functioning and looking its best. You can trust that our specialists will be responsive and work with time-sensitivity in mind, using only the best technological advancements in the industry to get the job done.


Not only do our specialists work for you, but our plans do, too. Our bumper-to-bumper lift protection simplifies lift management and ownership with fixed operational costs. This means no more overly expensive emergency repairs, emergency equipment transportation costs, or detrimental downtime for your business.


What are you waiting for? Save on downtime and pricey operational costs, and get simple, proactive lift management from Uptime. Contact one of our lift specialists for more information.

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